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Welcome to Inside the Heart! Along with academic research, Youth Medical Journal invites our writers to indulge in the creative aspect of medical writing and share their narratives, artwork, commentary, and poetry. Allow us to take you on journey inside the creative minds of our writers; inside the heart.

Medical School’s Toll on the Health of Students

Stress is an especially dangerous condition when continuously experienced, which can lead to chronic stress. A growing number of individuals among the general population are beginning to face chronic stress, among those medical students, putting them at risk for poor mental health and cardiovascular disease. This article explores such impacts as well as effective techniques to lower stress for those at risk.

Unappreciated Wealth

A brief poem about the value of our well being. The poem includes a line or two giving a glimpse on the detrimental effect of smoking. The inadequate effects of smoking that kill more than 480,000 people in a year.

Green Practices: Whose Responsibility Is It

Modern society emphasizes the importance of conservation of resources and sustainable development, instilling these virtues from a young age for the betterment of society. However, in what ways beyond simply awareness could the movement towards conservation be encouraged?

The Exoticization of Epidemics

Scientists often study local customs, traditions, and practices before implementing an epidemic control centre in a respective country. This is when anthropology and science combine their forces to work towards a similar goal. However, this marriage of anthropology and science may prove to be detrimental for healthcare due to the subconscious presence of prejudices and biases. 

Cloudy Eyes

This poem focuses on blindness, most specifically on one perspective of mental depletion caused from this condition that has started on a later part of their life.


Dementia is a condition in which there are multiple stages of progressive effects, most notably pertaining to memory loss.

Sick Relations

Alcohol Related Liver Disease(ARLD) is a disease that is caused by alcohol abuse, leading to the damaging of the liver. It can reach a stage where the liver is permanently damaged, to a point where liver failure is a possibility.

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