Cloudy Eyes

By Diana Manzanes

Published 7:49 PM EST, Mon April 12, 2021

My eyes, a bridge I cannot cross

Unlike before, tears fall down like a starting rain

A rain I cannot be free from

Oh I do hope I get better 

I blink to free me from this blurry rain that won’t stop falling

But only a cloud stays, getting bigger by the days

This burden bedevils me

Oh how the days go by

The lies only reinforce this dark bridge that this site has created

“It’ll get better,” they said

Broken silence follows as things get worse

Oh how feelings grow accustomed to such torment

More rain falls and a flooded river keeps falling

I can no longer see the people around me

For they are only shadows to this empty soul to let go

Oh how bothersome

I can still see the sun when it rains

But only it’s only a defeat for my reach

I no longer want this weather

Oh how the clouds won’t leave

My eyes are cloudy with non-stop rain

So many clouds that I cannot see

Only those around me can witness my burden now

Oh how these eyes can be

Diana Manzanes, Youth Medical Journal 2021


Troublesome Lungs

By Diana Manzanes

Published 3:32 PM EST, Tues April 6, 2021

This troublesome condition stabs my chest

As I am left to partake in no more

Than minimal gasps of air, that are so pressed

They savagely leave me on the floor.

Oh how I adore the youths that run free

With no knives jutted at their lungs.

Utter glee I have for the chance to flee

And be careless like those that are among.

But before then, I must suffer this wait,

For I am surrounded by private eyes.

A cost I must bear to open this gate

That has hindered me from getting the prize.

So long my troublesome lungs I dearly 

Hope, A path I see so very clearly.

Diana Manzanes, Youth Medical Journal 2021



All eyes were leering at her vile fate,

But not a trace of life was left in her eyes.

The son, as vulnerable as when he was a child,

Held her hand for moments and moments more.

“Mother? Do you remember me?”

The old woman like a lifeless doll

Was still for a long moment until a breath of life came before her


Cold it may seem, but refutable to the occurrence.

The question only to bring curiosity into her for a moment, 

But soon to be feigned as nothing by the woman.


Sadness filled the air,

But it was yet only a moment of corroded doom for the son’s fate

He could not come to terms with.

It was one of many.

Moments to be forgotten.

Diana Manzanes, Youth Medical Journal 2021


The Year 2020


Countless lives gone, families shattered. 


Months since we’ve heard the sound of laughter.

Crying. Shaking. Coughing. Grieving.

Life can be ever so deceiving.

Behind the masks there are faces

People starving for their loved one’s embraces 


Hoards of people unjustly hurt because of their color.


The country is collapsing. When can we win?

Killing. Looting. Hurting. Dying

Life can be ever so deceiving.

Our dead brothers and sisters. Remember their faces?

People starving for their loved one’s embraces

Sai Datla, Youth Medical Journal 2020


Sick Relations

In sickness and in health

she stayed with you

only to bring a pitfall of your own demise

Glass by glass

Like a mixture of sour and sweet

She brought you temporary happiness

As you lay there

In the hospital bed

Wallowing as she takes your liberty

For she is like lemon in the eyes

Painful as your once clear vision is taken

A pain that is clear on your lower abdomen

And yet, you still ignore the signs

At the first stage

She has left you but a fatty liver

not too late to reverse

But that selfishness you hold keeps her close

Rusted and corroded

The second stage appears

The signs are clear now

It is still within your grasp to turn back

Except you won’t let go of your selfish longing 

You’ve followed your selfish thoughts of woe 

And she existed

Like a lemon, your skin is tinted yellow 


She has left you with many scars

As your liver takes a toll on your mistakes

You are but a dead man

As the last stage is too late to reverse

And you won’t stop wanting her

Diana Manzanes, Youth Medical Journal 2020


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