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Autism Spectrum Disorders and Music Interventions

The use of music for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) dates back to the 1940s and over time has been adopted by clinicians. This article discusses the condition and its causes and analyses the potential of music therapy to improve the cognitive and social abilities of ASD patients through a neurological lens.

The 10/90 Gap and Its Impact on Malaria

The malaria epidemic has been rampant for generations, and unfortunately remains a significant problem predominantly in the developing world. This article looks at the pathology of malaria, as well as the 10/90 Gap and how this contributes to the lack of global action to tackle this problem and the root causes.

The Plague in the Modern Day

The Black Death, an epidemic caused by what is known today as the plague, devastated Europe and much of Western Asia during the 1300s. Many assume that the plague is a thing of the past, and they are partially right. However, that raises the question: how is the plague fairing in the modern world?

The Exoticization of Epidemics

Scientists often study local customs, traditions, and practices before implementing an epidemic control centre in a respective country. This is when anthropology and science combine their forces to work towards a similar goal. However, this marriage of anthropology and science may prove to be detrimental for healthcare due to the subconscious presence of prejudices and biases. 

Physical Inactivity: A Petty Problem or a Serious Health Concern?

As sedentarism sweeps through today’s world, we must be cognizant of the damage we are doing to our minds and bodies. Not only does physical inactivity deplete your brain of crucial hormones needed for well-being, therefore increasing the risk of mental illness, but it also wreaks havoc on your physical health and is an increasingly large cause of mortality. Fortunately, it is not too late to fix your lifestyle and put a stop to the harm inactivity is inflicting on your body. 

A Look Into India’s Black Fungus Epidemic

As India’s COVID cases skyrocket each day, doctors have recently been reporting a rash of cases of a rare infection: the black fungus. Cases are seen mostly among recovering and recovered COVID-19 patients. In this article we will be debunking the facts about the new Black Fungus Infection of India.

SSRIs: Helping You or Hurting You?

When faced with conditions such as depression and anxiety, psychiatrists are quick to prescribe selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIS). While these medications are effective in alleviating psychiatric symptoms, many fail to acknowledge the serious long-term and short-term repercussions these drugs pose. 

ADHD, ASD, and Schizophrenia

There are several psychological disorders and if we begin to study them one by one, we will be able to observe very distinct characteristics in each one. However, the scope of this article covers 3 common psychological disorders and includes a brief but explanatory profiling of each

What OCD Really Entails

Many of us have all too often heard phrases along the lines of, “this is making me feel OCD” or “I’m so OCD about this thing,” but what is OCD really? Is it as simple as being particular about the arrangement of objects in a given space or the order of colours and letters, or is it much more of a severe, and potentially life changing condition that affects how many individuals function in their daily lives…


Insomnia is a condition of sleep disorder present in the lives of many people. People with insomnia experience hardships in terms of going to sleep, falling asleep, and experience sleep in general in their day-to-day life. Out of all sleep disorders, insomnia is emphasized to be the most common amongst many individuals. Overall, insomnia is proven to be heavily detrimental in the lives of those who have it as they may experience negative and fatigue-like effects due to this disorder. 

How Have Viruses Contributed to Human Evolution?

Evolution can be defined as the biological process by which the physical characteristics of creatures change over time, new types of creatures develop, and others disappear. With the recent coronavirus pandemic it’s very easy to regard viruses as the enemy of evolution: an arm’s race between a host and a pathogen. This article will explore aspects of human evolution that blur this dichotomy. More specifically how viruses influenced the development of the placenta, the brain and the immune system.

Phobias and How We Can Treat Them

Phobia: the irrational fear of an object or situation. Almost everyone has some irrational fears, however, phobias are when this fear inhibits you from staying grounded and makes you uncontrollable. Specific phobias are one of the most common mental disorders, with an estimated prevalence ranging from ~7% to ~15%.

Link Between Social Media and Mental Illness

In today’s digital age, many children are given cellular devices before they have even reached 12 years old. Upon receiving these new phones or tablets, children are immersed into an unfamiliar yet intriguing online world of viral videos, photoshopped images, and trendy lifestyles. While seemingly benign, this newfound online immersion can be detrimental to a child’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Symptoms, Causes, and treatment

Alzheimer’s, a type of dementia, affects memory, thinking and behavior. Oftentimes the effects of Alzheimer’s can influence daily tasks. It alone accounts for 60-80% of all dementia cases. It’s a common misconception that Alzheimer’s is a normal part of aging, those who are older are at a higher risk, but nearly 200,000 Americans under the age of 65 have been reported to have Alzheimer’s.  

Eating Disorders

More than 30 million people living in the US will have an eating disorder at some point in their lives. Eating disorders are psychological conditions that are related to tenacious eating habits that harm your health. Eating disorders could negatively impact your heart, bones, digestive system, and bones.

A Review of Prion Diseases

Prion diseases, also referred to as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs), are able to affect humans and animals and can be transmitted by the consumption of infected meat products. With approximately three hundred cases reported in the U.S. every year, prion diseases are a family of rare progressive neurodegenerative diseases and are identified by certain characteristics such as, changes in neuronal loss, and dysfunctioning inflammatory response. 

Non-Communicable Diseases – A Global Epidemic

Non-communicable diseases are probably the most important worldwide health problem of the 21st century. A leading cause of death globally, we need serious action in order to tackle this ‘epidemic’. This article discusses the current situation of NCDs through analysis of its global impact and patterns, along with focused research into diabetes in particular.

Prions and Associated Diseases

In the last thirty years, a significant finding in the world of medicine was the discovery of prions. Essentially, prions are misfolded proteins that can cause neurodegenerative diseases. One of the earliest cases of a prion-caused disease was scrapie, a disease afflicting sheep.

Eating Disorders and Treatment

Eating is a part of our everyday lives. Yet, our eating habits don’t just reflect our dietary needs. Judgments of dietary problems, explicitly anorexia nervosa, convey the most noteworthy demise pace of all emotional wellness issues.

Leptospirosis: What Comes After Floods

Aside from drowning and physical injuries, one of the biggest hazards that come with flooding are infectious diseases. Leptospirosis, a zoonotic bacterial disease, is one such example, commonly reported after flash floods. With the ever-growing problem of climate change, possibly causing an increase in flooding occurrences globally, what exactly is the state of Leptospirosis internationally?

Overview of Influenza

Influenza, or the flu, is known and experienced in many lives. It is an infection that is experienced in the human body, specifically a viral infection. The risk level of Influenza or the flu varies and can be detrimental, or even deadly, to one’s life.

A Deeper Dive Into Body Dysmorphic Disorder

You may have heard about the Body Dysmorphic Disorder, better know has body dysmorphia because it is very common. 1 in 50 people suffer from body dysmorphia daily and it affects 1.7% of the population. Learn more about what this common disorder is and all there is to know about body dysmorphia.

Pill or Shot?

HIV infections have spread throughout women through a prolonging period of years. However, a new breakthrough appeared, allowing for women to possibly take long-lasting shots rather than daily pills of two drugs. The real question comes to what would battle HIV further: pills or shots?

OIT for Peanut Allergies

Food allergies. They’re a simple annoyance that you have to constantly worry about. There’s a likely chance that someone you’ve come across or even yourself have an allergy whether life-threatening or a micro level reaction that will only cause a rash at most. That’s where OIT comes in. This article focuses on the OIT for peanut allergies approved by the FDA on January 31, 2020.

Battle of Progeria

Progeria, a rapid yet rare illness, occurs in many youths, sadly halting their lives and their health. However, this disease has been met with a cure yet until an important company found Zokinvy, which could potentially change affected lives forever.

Understanding Insomnia

Insomnia is the most widely recognized rest protest. It happens when you experience difficulty nodding off or staying asleep despite the fact that you had the occasion to get an entire evening of rest. Learn more about the side effects, studies, and treatments surrounding this disease!

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder that affects less than one percent of the U.S. population. However, with treatment, maximum signs and symptoms of schizophrenia will significantly enhance the likelihood of being able to diminish its effects and carry out a normal life.

State-Mandated Childhood Vaccinations

State-mandated childhood vaccinations have always been a controversial topic. Now with the rise of the internet, more individuals are concerned about the effects mandatory vaccinations will have on our safety and liberty, despite the overwhelming positive effects that will result if childhood vaccinations become state-mandated.

Tay-Sachs Disease: The Rare Genetic Disorder

Tay-Sachs is a deadly disease that can affect a babies mobility, sight, and hearing. Tay-Sachs is usually found amongst infants who are typically from the ages 3-6 months old and symptoms usually progress from then on out. Children with Tay Sachs don’t live a long life and typically pass away by the age of 5.

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a chronic, enervating disorder that can impact several aspects of an individual’s life and cause educational difficulties. Thankfully, doctors have found ways in which to treat this disorder.


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